“In the beginning I wanted my blog to emphasize the idea of how the art of fashion is more profound than what the eyes can captivate. To me it is about the uniqueness of every human being. I am talking about the creases in their hands, the laugh lines from their smiles and the visible scars from their pasts. That too is fashion. It is not only about the clothes that they wear. They wear far more than that. But then I decided to link my message to my name. What does being a student of fashion really mean? I decided to photograph people in different cities to understand what fashion means to them. Does fashion mean luxury? Does fashion mean long hours in a sweatshop? How does it reflect their personality? How does it reflect their culture? After I photograph them, I converse with these people and I quote the things that answer the big question. What is fashion? It is a unique and very exciting learning experience, and I have decided to share it with the world. When people visit my website I want them to understand what fashion means through the eyes of others. I want them to understand fashion from a different perspective, and then I want them to form their own new definition. I want them to walk with me on my journey of discovery!” ― India Summers

India Summers is from Harlem, New York City. She travels around (5 feet 3 inches tall) with her DSLR camera, note pad and her big smile. Her website is used to photograph and interview stylish strangers in divergent parts of the world to document different cultures and perspectives on fashion. Her goal is to show people that, just because luxury items have come to define fashion in America, they do not necessarily determine what fashion means in other countries. Her purpose is to change distorted views on fashion. To acquire these national and international perspectives, India plans to travel the world.